The following is included in the Pampered Pooch Package.
  • Initial Consultation with Pet Stylist
  • Isle of Dogs Shampoo and Conditioner Specially Formulated to Meed Your Dogs Coat and Skin Requirements (i.e. White Coat, Black Coat, Copper Coat, Oily, Dry, Flaky Skin)
  • Pre-Bath Brush Out and Trim of Pads, Feet and Hygiene areas
  • Hand Fluff Dry (No Cage Drying)
  • Nails Clipped and Smoothed
  • Paws Moisturized with Pad Balm
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Tooth Brushing
  • Anal Glands Checked
  • Full Body Brush Out
  • Clip and Style (Discussed in the Consultation)
  • Grooming Finishing Spray
  • Bandanna or Bow
  • Complimentary Berverage
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