“My three yr old rescued Maltipoo loves this place! If I mention the “R” word in the house, he heads straight to the leash hook.”
– MA C.
Culver City, CA

“I just picked up my dog after a three week stay at Rover. Kodi went there for a 3 week training course and Rover really came through for us. when I initially dropped her off, It was very difficult to take Kodi for a walk because she would pull in every direction but the one I wanted her too. Kodi is bit defiant and has a mind of her own. Jefferey and the folks at Rover did a great job. Kodi now sits, stays, down, and comes on demand. The best part is she actually follows my lead now when i take her for a walk or a run. Thank you so much for a job well done. We will definitely be back for Kodi to play with her friends at ROVER.”

-L. R.
Los Angeles

“Rover has been an essential part of my dog Lola’s (and her “brother” Phin’s) life since she joined our household a year ago. Recently Lola had to go by herself for a week (without her bud Phin), and I asked the owner Jeffrey if she was doing okay because she seemed a little shyer about going. He said, she doesn’t stop playing for 1 minute – come on, I’ll show you. He proceeded to show me the film of Lola’s antics that day (they have cameras throughout the facility) when she served as “ambassador” for a new dog being tested for compatibility at Rover. She was having a grand old time, running wildly around the play area, up the slides, down the slides, and even stopped to give Jeffrey kisses at one point. It made me so happy to see just how much fun she has!”

– Vera A.
Culver City, Ca

“When I ask my dog Grady if he wants to go to Rover, his ears perk up, his head turns sideways and his tail wags. That’s a pretty good endorsement to me. Going to Rover is like taking your kids to grandma’s-you know they’re gonna be in good hands, well taken care of, loved and spoiled. Super nice people.”

-Greg C.
New York

“I’m trying to get over moving away from LA and losing Rover Kennel… I have an extremely playful boxer who has always had difficulty in kennels. After leaving him for daycare several times, I felt confident enough to board him at Rover whenever I traveled. Every time I came to pick him up he was happy, healthy and freshly bathed. The staff is friendly and even when I had to leave my dog for an extended period of time I never felt nervous about how he was doing – overall the best place I’ve ever found to leave my pup!”

– Margaret M.
Culver City, Ca